Three Quick, Well-Timed Encouragements For Anyone Who Is Crazy Busy Right Now…

Crazy Busy

Busy, busy, busy. I don’t know about you, but life is crazy busy right now. Indeed, that’s kind of the nature of summertime, isn’t it? Things are just so fast paced and crazy busy. From you stay at home mothers out there who are toting kids from day camp to day camp to you farmers out there frantically putting your seeds into the ground, things are just fast paced and far too busy right now. So, here are three quick, well-timed encouragements for you to pocket away as you get ready to scramble out the door towards your next to-do list item:

  1. God loves you. Now, don’t roll your eyes at the simplicity of this statement. This no mere platitude, it’s a Gospel fact. You, no matter what you do or don’t do, are loved by the God who made you and sits enthroned above you. You are loved by a God who is never frantic or haggard because of the enormity of His to-do list. You are loved by a God who knows you by name and knows the very number of hairs on your head. You are loved by a God who never slumbers or sleeps, but always keeps watch over you. Yeah, you might be crazy busy right now, but God is perfectly and totally and calmly in control of everything. Trust Him.
  2. Your family needs you. I just feel led to say this to you tired moms and dads out there. You work so hard. Some of you might be at the point where you think, “What’s the point?” Hear me…discouragement is a very close cousin to depression, and you need to know that your work matters and your family needs you. Your family members, specifically your kids, might be unthankful, but whether they realize it or not (and whether you feel it or not), you are needed by your family. Keep going.
  3. Done is better than perfect. This final point goes out to all my fellow perfectionistic people out there. I feel ya. I really do. We desire for everything to be done just so, accomplished with excellence, and performed to perfection. But when life gets cranking and things become crazy busy, you must develop the mantra, “Done is better than perfect.” Just get it done. Sometimes you have to dot every “i” and cross every “t”, but at other times you just need to get it done. Don’t allow your desire for precision/perfection to prevent you from getting things accomplished. It may not be perfect, but done is better than perfect. Make sense?

Well, there you have it. Three quick, well-timed (I hope) encouragements for your very busy, fast paced life. Just before I end, and you get ready to dash out the door to your next appointment, be sure to do two things (Yes, I’m adding to your already overwhelming to-do list): 1) Thank God you have the ability to do all that you’re doing…some people are flat out on their back right now (literally) and are unable to do anything…your crazy busyness is actually a grace of God. And 2) Remember that this crazy busy season is just that…a season. It won’t last forever. Take some measure of hope in that.

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